Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Custom Keyboards

While looking through the daily links at I was brought to something that is so fantastic that I have drooling over it ever since I saw it.

A keyboard.

Yes you heard me correctly, a keyboard. The wonderful artistic individual at has taken the ordinary and mundane object, a keyboard, and turned into a work of art. The wonderful part of it is a useable piece of art. Taking an old IBM keyboard he has gutted it, converted it, improved it, and beautified it. Enough of me rambling on enjoy his result.

Here is a link to the page about this,

Now I could stop there and I could be fine with that. But no, someone else has also been stricken with the beauty of these input devices. He has decided to make them for people. God love him. Also he has taken it one step further and made different models. You can view them, or request one, by going to the below link.

Eh hem, can we say Christmas :D

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